Gold Bars to Buy

by admin on May 19, 2011

With the current economic turmoil the recent investment in Gold has seen more and more people become interested in doing so. This means investors are purchasing gold as an investment. Gold bullion, gold coins, gold bars or jewellery are the favourite investment pieces. Figures from the World Gold Council show investment surged 163% to 284 tonnes and this is likely to rise in 2011.

There are two key ways of investing in gold, this is either via the stock market or alternatively you can still buy gold in bar form, krugerrands coins and gold sovereigns from specialist dealers. If you are trying to compare different forms of gold, compare the percentage over the gold price for each option. When purchasing gold you need to consider what is referred to as the ‘percentage premium’.

Due to the underlying nature of the stock exchange, the price of gold is directly affected by how much the price of gold is at any one day of trading. As the price of gold has been at a constant rather then fluctuating much like the current economy and housing market. It seems that gold is a safer and better long term investment for your money. This is why gold bars have become a realistic investment, rather than putting your money into stocks and shares.

There is a direct route to buying gold through purchasing sovereigns, these can benefit investors as they are smaller, more attractive, especially given their historic value, and are arguably better known coins than krugerrands. Experts tend to believe that it is worth paying a slight extra premium over and above krugerrands as they are easier to sell in the future.

There a number of specialists who deal in just selling gold bars, coins and sovereigns. Whichever gold you decide to invest in, it looks at the most stable investment in the current economy.