Where to buy gold bullion

The gold bar price of course changes daily with the price of gold. Large gold bars are a useful safe haven for storing assets for the long term in economic uncertainty, while the smaller gold bars can be easily bought, stored, transported and sold for the short term. There are in a basic form two types of gold bars. These are cast and minted.

Cast gold bars are only manufactured by 27 accredited manufacturers and these manufacturers are located all around the world. These 27 companies make various sizes of Gold bars, the smallest cast gold bar known weighs 10 grams and is made in Brazil. The most common cast gold bars are manufactured in Europe, Japan and Brazil. The gold bullion bars have the ounce bars are made in Australia, Europe, UK and the USA.

All gold bars have there is a universal trend now for bars to be 99.99%, however, there is still some variation in some countries. A new product, called Chip Gold, has also entered the market. This is a relatively new form of gold bar, consisting of a small ingot of one to twenty grams presented in a sealed and certified package, about the size of a credit card. Chip Gold is designed to be used as a liquid investment in gold and can be easily stored and transported.

Gold bars are a safe haven for asset protection, as well as a good future investment the value of the gold does not change. The goods and services you can get with its value and an ounce of gold still purchases the same value of goods and services as it did many years ago. This is why gold is still presented as a very good investment opportunity. Gold value is assessed and does change as the economy goes through recessions and inflation. The apparency is that gold is worth more when actually it is the currency which is worth less.

Gold bar prices depend of course on the gold price at any given time. As the value of gold increases so the value of the gold bar increases. The premium, how much you pay over spot gold is made up of, the manufacturing costs, the gold bar dealers costs and profit. You also have to take into consideration the shipping and insurance costs. There may, in some countries or US states, be a tax to take into account also.